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Always Shifting Together Apart. 2018. Oil on Canvas

La Polea Gallery is Presently Hosting Celia Hudson

Celia Hudson is an artist living and working in the south of France. She was raised between New Orleans, her place of birth, and Montréal, her place of nationality. She studied fine arts in Montréal, from where she became strongly influenced by her ancestral connections. Celia´s family came from many countries in Europe and her great, great, great, grandmother was a First Nations Cree which lead Hudson to contemplate how one identifies themselves as being the claimers of a country´s identity. Having such a vast lineage that is hard to research or null, she plays with the way information is given or withheld from the viewer. She is fascinated with space and time that uproots our claim to land; and she is intrigued with the way social history and roles affect the development of a person. Many of her paintings and sculptures deal with the relationships between figures that often are skewed but remain very intimate to each other or confident in their own space. What will the viewer discover on their own from the marks that express or conceal a figure?
As of her choice of material, Hudson is especially drawn to painting with oil due to its permanency.